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Stretches for equestrians

I have mentioned previously my conversation about yoga for horseriders with my friend Alexandra. The idea to use yoga to complement your workout is to be able to stretch, gain balance and mobility and be more aware of your body position in general.

Thanks to her, I found great videos to help stretch pre and post riding. Stretching is very important and we tend to forget about it.

I made a quick selection of videos here so that you can pick and choose the one that works best for you. Most of them focus on relieving back, hip and calves tension.

Yoga from Green Hawk  - 7 min - Learn how to stretch before and after your ride with Paula from Greenhawk!

Stretching workout with Paige Radice - 8 min

Yoga stretches for equestrians by Winter Garden Yoga - 14min

Note that I recommend to speak directly with a sports professional to make sure you are executing the positions the correct way to reap all the benefits.

Happy stretching!


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