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Contributing to the community

The RDA gives children with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses and grow stronger. Their programs are free of charge and with Covid19, they haven’t been able to raise the necessary funds to continue bringing their activity to the community.

You probably know that it is thanks to horse riding that I was able to regain my confidence. I understand how horses can support someone's journey and I want to ensure they can help many more people in Singapore. And the RDA horses give many children a sense of control, autonomy and belonging.

Indeed, Glow, Freda, Istra, Rhino and their 16 therapy horse peers work tirelessly to make disabled children’s lives better. As a kid, hopping on a horse gives you an entire new perspective:

  • You are immediately taller, seeing the world from a higher point of view

  • You can suddenly move as much as you want, with the rocking of the horse reproducing the sensation of walking

  • You are in control, horses answer to you, the rider, and give you a sense of freedom you might not experience in your day to day life

To ensure our superstar therapy horses can continue to do that, I want them to get plenty of Cs: cuddles, carrots and care.

The objective of this is to raise at least one month’s worth of Cs for each horse (equivalent to SGD1K per horse per month) , so they can focus on delivering even more value for the community.

A few month ago, I wrote about generosity and it was time for me to take action. Visit the fundraiser here and I would really appreciate if you can support the fundraiser in any way you can: send it to your friends, share it on your social media, donate.

Thank you and Happy National Day Singapore!

Download these pics to share the fundraiser:

Copy the link to the fundraiser:

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