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Online horseriding

For everyone missing spending their time with and around horses, Gallop Stable is offering virtual classes. I know getting horseriding lessons online doesn't seem like the most logical thing to do, but there is plenty we can learn about horses online.

Whether you live in Singapore or not, these classes allow us to get a closer look at how to care for horses and give us the foundations of horseriding.

The topics range from anatomy to behaviour and tack, providing us with the best way - and the only way right now - to stay close to our favorite sport. Additionally, some of their sessions are designed specifically for kids.

As I miss horseriding myself, I feel these classes give me a small window into the stable and it's a nice way to share a lesson with the instructors and the horses.

Many of us can't ride or groom horses while staying at home, yet, it's not a reason to disconnect from them. So embrace the virtual world and have a great time with them!

To learn more about the classes, email Gallop stable now.


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