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Have you ever wondered what type of underwear an endurance rider wears?

Well, during my first endurance-riding weekend, I tried and tested a few options. From boy shorts to bikini underwear, I have to say that, surprisingly, thongs are the best at doing the job. And by doing the job, I mean not creating extra friction for the skin, hence not causing any small injuries.

Who would have thought it?!

What's your go to underwear when you ride?

Do all female endurance riders wear cotton thongs? The obvious answer is no!

During my endurance riding in Putrajaya, Malaysia, the couple who welcomed me had a few answers to this and many more questions.

First, be sure to have creams available, you want to be able to soothe your buttocks.

Second, Nadiah mentioned that when she competes she uses cycling underwear with thin padding which she changes every loop during the race.

That’s a pretty good insight there.

I want to investigate a bit more, so I’ll be contacting female endurance riders, as well as cyclists, and asking about their gears.

From materials and padding, to fitting and brands, I’m sure there’s much for me to discover. More on this as soon as I get answers!

If you have any recommendations, be sure to leave a comment, thanks.


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