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Happy Holidays!

The Holiday season is in full swing and many are celebrating Christmas. Here in New Zealand, my husband and I are creating our own version of a nice Christmas dinner. If you wonder what Christmas in New Zealand looks like, I invite you to check out this website.

Note that we have gotten our fair share of pavlovas already!

Christmas is a very important celebration for my husband. In Peru, it is widely celebrated and usually spent with the whole family. Like New Zealand, Christmas in Peru happens during the ‘summer’ time, hence you’re more likely to spend a few days at the beach after your family dinner that at a ski resort! A key Christmas food is the panettone, a sweet bread/brioche originating from Italy which found a new meaning in Peru. You can read more on this here.

In my family, we like to all go back to my parents’ house and have a big dinner on the 24th. One of the traditions we have kept alive, despite being adults, is to open our gifts only on the morning of the 25th. It does make sense, though: when else would Santa have the time to come through the chimney?

Here’s a fun article with a few examples on how people celebrate Christmas around the world. It’s very interesting to see similarities as well as very local traditions.

Is there something special you like to do around the Holiday Season?


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