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The more, the less

The more I dig, listen, and read about horse riding, the less it seems I know. Which is really a good feeling to have, but when I think the Mongol Derby is in less than a year, it worries me that I may never be able to level up fast enough.

Last week, I was listening to one of the podcasts from “Horse Chats” with Carlos Tabernaberri. The episode was titled, “10 tips toward good horsemanship”. Everything Carlos explained was so simple to understand, yet so difficult to grasp entirely.

I also read the book Horses Don’t lie: The Magic of Horse Whispering by Chris Irwin about 6 months ago. An easy read, Chris gives a good foundation on how to interact with and understand a horse. He writes passionately about horses and gives simple examples of how to visualise better a situation.

Now on my reading list, I have Enlightened Equitation by Heather Moffett, but I’ve just started a book on finance on my Kindle and it’s easier to take it everywhere with me. Convenience wins over needs for now.

I’m not sure at what point I’ll feel that my foundations are solid enough for the next level and how to assess my progress.

Do you have tips on this, how do you track your improvements?


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