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The Land of the Long White Cloud

At the end of the year, I will be going to New Zealand on vacation with my husband. We are now 4 weeks away from my holiday and I can’t wait to be on that plane.

We’ll make a stop in Sydney and see our dear friends, Alex and Andrey, who moved there from Singapore this year. Alex is a yoga teacher and she’ll be giving me tips and advice on posture and stretches to do after a whole day of riding to recover faster. Stay tuned for this post in January or February 2020!

For now, let’s focus on my time off! It’s going to be 2 weeks with my husband off work, off riding, off exercising, and driving a camper van from Queenstown to wherever the wind takes us. If you have any recommendations on what to do and what to see, please send them my way!

What I would like to make sure I do during that time is visit some equestrian stores over there. My list of equipment and gear for the Mongol derby is not set yet, but I’d like to tick off a few things like fenders or chaps! I’m pretty sure the South Island has a good variety of great horse gear and equipment, so I want to add this to my itinerary.

Lucky for me, Mongol Derby 2014 rider Róisín Magee already recommended 2 places to visit (or should I say shop 'til you drop?):

If you live or have been to the South Island and know other good places to shop for horse riding gears and equipment, please let me know!


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