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Show me your underwear!

Slowly but surely, I'm starting to test gears and equipment.

Last week, before my trip to Kuala Terengganu, I ordered underwear and socks from Seducci. I've seen a few of the former Mongol Derby riders raving about the Seducci underwear, so it’s given me confidence that this is the underwear of choice.

First, I'd like to thank them because they gifted me with free underwear since I'm doing the Mongol Derby in 2020 - that was such a nice gesture! Shout-out to all derby riders, this is a brand you might want to try!

The package arrived on Wednesday and I don't think I've ever been so excited about underwear before. A small box arrived all nicely packed, with three pairs of boxers and two pairs of socks. Christmas came early!

I had ordered three pairs of Breezy Boxer Jane, Version Jane Zero, in the W1 size – one Ocean, one Anthracite, and one Iris. I wasn’t sure about the sizing, so now you can also estimate what would be the best fit on top of using their online guide.

As I was getting ready for my endurance weekend, I packed two pairs of boxers and I couldn't be happier. The first test run was absolutely great. Breathable, soft to the touch, and no friction whatsoever. I wore them for a session of about 32 km on three different horses. The second session I wore them was similar - about 30 km on three different horses. The only exception was that I did the last 10km round bareback and, as they are not padded underwear, it didn’t offer any extra comfort.

I still need to wear them for longer period in the saddle – at least a full day’s riding - but it's been nothing but a positive experience. It’s almost like you’re wearing nothing and it doesn’t create any fiction as there’s no seam.

If you’re an endurance rider or you have a sensitive skin and need a second skin while riding, give Seducci's underwear a try too!

I'll give their socks a try next weekend but, by the look of it, they already seem to be of good quality.

Do you have types/brands of underwear to recommend?


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