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See you at the Finish Line!

The Mongol Derby is the toughest race in the world and even if many riders would like the support of their friends and family along the race, this is formally prohibited for safety and fairness reasons.

The organisers, the Adventurists, do not allow anyone along the race or at the start line. What’s more, if they hear that friends or family are trying to reach the racers during the race by their own means to give them a hug or cheer them up, they will simply eliminate the racer.

However, they do welcome people at the finish line to celebrate all the racers and their accomplishments. This year, they have offered 30 places to be at the finish camp from August 12 to 15. If you are not interested in the race, but would love to visit Mongolia, they do recommend to contact the Travel Agency Morindoo.

My husband will be at the Finish line and I’m happy to know that we will be together at the end of this adventure. He’ll probably not get anywhere near me until after I ’shower’ but it is very encouraging and reassuring to know he’ll be there.

Have you ever run a race and knowing your ‘fans’ were at the finish line was what pushed you to complete it?


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