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Mongolian cuisine

This week I discussed Mongolian cuisine with a few friends and one thing for sure is that I am now more excited than ever to try it.

The most intriguing food mentioned to me was the sheep tail. A nutrient-dense food, its fat is used in many different meals and it can also serve as a pacifier for babies. Knowing this, you’d understand that any vegetarian would be nervous about dietary regimes during the Mongol Derby. Natalie Gavi explained here how she was preparing for the 2018 Mongol derby as a vegetarian.

Personally, I'm changing the way I eat to sustain my training by incorporating more proteins, plant-based proteins and meat (more on this here). This, in turn, will help my body process all the meat and dairy that are key to the Mongolian diet and will be served during the derby.

Discussing with former racer Roisin Magee, she commented that she would eat everything offered to her and mentioned this is probably the reason she was able to complete the race. The local food helped her perform better.

If by now you’re as curious as I am about food in Mongolia, watch this video describing the top 10 traditional dishes and drinks in Mongolia.

More on food and tourism in Mongolia, here.


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