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Gallop Stable

I started riding in Singapore back in August 2017 at Gallop Stable. Back then, I was working around Orchard and it was very convenient to go to work after my morning lesson.

Once a week on Wednesday, I would go there to get my horse ready and start the lesson at 8am. Now, I’m going twice a week and, despite the distance to go to my office after the lessons, I’ve stuck with them.

My instructor there, Gaylin, is a real strategist when it comes to planning lessons and focus areas. In less than 2 years, she got me to “sit on my butt” and “quiet my hands”. More importantly, she helped me through my sudden lack of confidence after the car crash. This was quite a setback for me as I was ‘scared’ of any sudden movements from the horse and the possible loss of control. She knew when to push and what to ask so that it wouldn’t be too much or too little.

She usually works on very subtle adjustments. Sometimes, I wouldn’t see exactly what the end goal was, until suddenly – mind blown - I was able to realise the whole thing. It really amazes me how patient and optimistic she is. Of course, she will definitely remind you if she has told/taught you something before and you keep on forgetting!

With me, she has done some extraordinary work – or at least I’d like to think so. I’m very grateful I met her. She really cares for her students and the horses.

It’s really important to find the right instructor and I’m lucky enough to have found one in Singapore!

How about you?


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