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You can't get bored

While this situation can help us all look inward, it's also an amazing opportunity to travel, learn and discover from the comfort of our own houses.

There's plenty of online resources we can use and I'm sharing here a few links that can help us cope with the current environment.


If reading moves you, UC Berkeley librarians have share their top picks, same for the Time magazine.


Audible from Amazon has opened its platform free of charge: “For as long as schools are closed, we’re open.”


Here are some podcasts I regularly listen to:

- Women at Work from HBR

- Horsechat by Glenys Cox

- The Documentary Podcast by the BBC worldwide services

House cleaning

We all know Marie Kondo, and maybe now is the best time to finally organise your bathroom, your closet, and if you feel ambitious, the whole house?


One of the apps I have used in the past and that worked for me is Headspace. They have made some of their sessions available online for free.


Too much choices here! You can train with videos on Youtube, Instagram or simply downloading workout routines from some of the best fitness websites worldwide. Here are a few Youtube channels I know as I have trained with some of their videos (specially when I was travelling for work, remember those days?):

Horse Watching

Discover the world of Graeme Bull and learn more about horses with his videos. Follow him while he walks around his stable, you'll be captivated by the horses and the surroundings.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay home.


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