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I’m one of the 40 lucky racers of the Mongol Derby 2020 (postponed to 2021).

Instead of a daily race recap, I’ve decided to recount my journey leading up to the race. Considering the current situation, I will take a break on posting here. Nevertheless, I will be back soon. For more information on my journey so far, keep on reading.

While I was on my way to visit Mount Bromo, my world stopped. The van I was in was going too fast, the driver lost the control and we rolled over more times than I could count. It’s thanks to horse riding that I would gained my confidence and the control over my emotions back. This is  was also the moment I realised my time is now.


Now my hope is to not only inspire people, and women in particular, to follow their dreams—no matter how impossible they believe they are—but also to help anyone who has ever intended to go on a once in a lifetime adventure requiring physical strength and mental power.

Registering here my emotions, processing my learnings, and hopefully finding likeminded people to exchange and support each other is also part of the process.

 By reading this blog, you will get to know:

  • Who’s supporting me?

  • What do I eat?

  • Where do I get my inspiration from?

  • When do I become a racer (& not only a rider)?

  • Why did I sign up for the race?

  • How am I able to check the horse’s well-being while riding?

  • How much will it take me to become an “athlete”?

And so much more.

This is not only a horserace, this is a journey to strengthen my mind and body and an ongoing learning experience. By telling the story of my failures and successes, I want to inspire people to try and dare more.

If you would like to support my race, please email me and download the sponsorship package here.

Thanks and happy reading.


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My journey towards becoming a Mongol Derby racer, the good, the bad & the ugly.

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